Main Topics of the Conference

Bioequivalence Regulatory and Methodology

Philosophical and Social Interpretations for the Impact of Bioequivalence Studies on Public Health

Bioequivalence Studies in Patient Populations: New Challenges and Future Trends

Determination of Bioequivalence of Modified-release Formulations

Avoid Excessive Numbers of Subjects in Clinical Trials

Regulatory Update of BCS and Biowaivers

Update on New BCS Draft Guidance Biowaivers and Beyond…

BCS of Drugs: An Ever-evolving Field

Biowaivers and Common Sense, EU Regulatory Examples

Biosimilars and Nanosimilars: Challenges and Regulatory Pathways

Nanomedicines and Nanosimilars: Regulatory and Market Landscape

Analytical Challenges of Biosimilars

Advances in Bioanalytical Testing

Analytical Challenges for Bioequivalence and Biosimilar Development

Challenges in Characterizing Nanoparticle Drugs

Advances in Bioanalytical Techniques

Bioanalytical LC/MS Methods in Generic and Biological Drug Development

In Vitro Dissolution Perspectives

Advances in In Vitro Dissolution

In Vitro Release Methodology for Topical Semisolid Drug Products

Advances in Pharmaceutical Technology, Drug Development and Beyond

Small is Beautiful: Surprising Nanoparticles

Nanomedicine for Topical Drug Delivery
Micro- and Nanofibrous Delivery Systems

Alcohol Resistant Formulations

Brain Drug Delivery

New Treatment Perspectives for Spinal Cord Injury